Satrap Steel Lotus with 35 years of experience in the Iranian iron and metal industry is a familiar name to everyone. Our head office is located in Pars Ghadir Bazaar in Tehran and sells and imports all kinds of profiles, cans and profiles, construction sheets, steel sheets, stainless steel, metal rolls, galvanized sheets, oil sheets, wire, glass wool ect is active.

Customer satisfaction has always been one of the main pillars of our company and we have tried to satisfy our dear customers by providing advice, up-to-date and fair prices and providing quality and original goods. You can benefit from our services and consultations by using the mentioned contact numbers or by attending the office of Satrap Steel at Tehran, km 2, Fatah Highway, Opposite the 11th Fatah, Pars Ghadir Commercial Complex, No. 2. After the purchase, we will always be in touch and provide you with an official invoice so that we can bring you a sweet shopping experience.

We are with you