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Specifications and applications of colored sheets

Galvanized sheet:
Galvanized sheet is the basis of colored sheet, so maybe it is not bad to give a description of galvanized sheet before colored sheet.

When the surface of the steel sheet is coated with “zinc”, galvanized sheet is produced, the steel sheet without coating has high corrosion and erosion in the presence of air, so to strengthen the sheet, different coatings are used, one of which is “zinc” coating. However, this coating causes the resistance of the sheet to increase greatly, but sometimes this resistance is not enough, so another coating is applied to the sheet, such as the electrostatic paint coating used in the production of colored sheets.

Production sheet production steps:
After degreasing, the galvanized sheet is washed with lukewarm water to remove dirt and grease from its surface. The sheet is then exposed to hot air to dry. In the next step, the sheet is ready to receive color coating. This is the form in which a powder base paint is first sprayed on the surface of the sheet and then the sheet is transferred to the oven to prevent the paint from separating; Finally, the final paint is added to the sheet and placed in the oven again, thus making the sheet resistant to impact, corrosion and various weather conditions.

Important factors to consider when choosing and buying a sheet
Apart from the resistance that the colored coating gives to the sheet, visual beauty is also a criterion in choosing such sheets. One of the most widely used industries that use colored sheets is the construction industry, which uses colored sheets for all types of roofs, body of warehouses and sheds, interior and exterior of buildings.

Apart from the construction industry, the home appliance industry is also one of the most widely used industries in this type of sheet, which is used in the body of refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, and depending on its appearance and consumption. The automotive industry is also one of the major consumers of colored sheets.

As a result, when buying colored sheets, you should pay attention to the quality and color harmony of the sheets.

Types of colored sheets:
Shadouline design: One of the most popular colored sheets is this Shadouline design.

Trapezoidal design: This design is mainly used in the construction of gable roofs and wall coverings of sheds. Pottery design: The use of this type of colored sheet is also very common, these sheets are also called Palermo pottery, which is derived from the name of a city in Italy. Genoa, shutter and sinusoidal designs are also available in the market and are popular designs. Colored sheets give a special beauty to the roofs and walls of buildings.

Factors affecting the price of colored sheets
In general, the price of raw materials and the dollar exchange rate directly affect the price of colored sheets, but apart from these two, the amount of supply and demand also has a significant impact on the final price of this product, due to the declining price of iron, these days We have also seen a decrease in the price of colored sheets. Mobarakeh Steel is one of the most important producers of colored sheets in the country and is one of the pricing sources of this type of sheet in the country. For information on the price of colored sheets and to receive case advice, please contact our consultants at Ahan Royal.

Source: Royal Iron